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 Alma Karma
Series: D.Gray-Man
Timeline: Chapter 190/191
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The Wake Facts
, including:
-Character Specs
          -Physical Condition

HMD & Permissions

Name: Ningi
Personal Journal: [personal profile] ningi 
AIM: Sanguine Ningi
Plurk: [ profile] areyouokaypanda
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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about the way I play Alma, feel free to stick them here.

All comments are screened, anonymous posting is enabled, and IP logging is turned off.

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Name: Alma Karma
Arrival Date: November 17, 2010
Departure Date (game end): April 23, 2013
Age: 12 (I place his canon age at about ten years old)
Apartment #: 406 (shared with Kanda Yu)

Deaths: 0

Physical Condition:

- pet cat
- previously belonged to Uchiha Sasuke, and DN Matt before that

Possessions )

Miscellaneous Notes:
- Alma's learning Russian from Lavi and Cross Marian 
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Name: Alma Karma
Arrival Date: March 25, 2010 (Week 161: Acclimatization to Victorian London)
DROPPED: November 9, 2012
Age: 12 (I place his canon age at ten years old)
Apartment/Collar #: 2201-A (shared with Kanda Yu and Lavi)
Barcode: v1.3 (small of the back beneath the waistline)

Deaths (before Week 158): 3
     - Week 73 (Rehab): drown in Rapture
     - Week 81 (Bombs inside): exploded on Sunday
     - Week 132 (Zombie Virus): excessive decapitation

Deaths (after Week 158):
     - Week 169 (In Time): multiple deaths over the course of one week via synchronization testing
     - Week 187 (Bombs inside): multiple deaths over the course of one week via bombs in his chest

Physical Condition:

Possessions )

Miscellaneous Notes:
- he began experiences memory lapses/dreams of his past life in June of 2011
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OOC Information:
Name: Ningi
Age: 22
AIM: Sanguine Ningi
MSN: n/a
Y!M: n/a

IC Information:
Name: Alma
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Timeline: From somewhere during the six months between chapters 190 and 191.
Age: His actual age is unclear, but he looks to be about nine or ten years old.

History/Personality/Abilities )
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Name: Ningi
AIM: Sanguine Ningi
[ profile] areyouokaypanda
Other Characters: n/a

Character Name: Alma Karma
Age: Unclear, but he looks to be between nine and ten years old.
Canon: D.Gray-man

Character Information )
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 In convenient comment form~
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Name: Alma Karma
Arrival Date: April 29, 2013
Age: 10
Current Residence:  Eastern District Northern District - Lelouch's Mansion 

Deaths: 0

Physical Condition:

Possessions )

Miscellaneous Notes:
- He has regained his regenerative ability.

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Personal Information
Name: Ningi
Age: 25
Personal Journal: [personal profile] ningi
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk:
AIM: Sanguine Ningi
Plurk: [ profile] areyouokaypanda
Current Character(s): Sanderson Mansnoozie

Character Information
Character Name: Alma Karma
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Source: DGM Wikia

History/Personality/Abilities )
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[The feed clicks on to a smiling Alma, a little out of breath as he scampers through the ruins. His grip on the PDA is a bit awkward, as if he's carrying something else in that hand along with it. His black golem is bobbing in and out of view behind him.]

Guys! The school's like it's new! Yu, you gotta come help me carry stuff before it changes back!
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[Alma's crouched outside the apartment building, poking at a lump of mud with a stick. He's pouting just a little.]

I think the garden's dead.

[The garden did, in fact, whither away for the most part some time ago. But it was a good first try.]
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[The video feed clicks on in a rush to show Alma with a rather determined look on his face. He's sitting on a small patch of concrete near the garden, a leather-bound notebook (fairly similar to one used by a certain inspector, in fact) open in his lap.]

I forgot to ask... Do you know when my birthday is?
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[The feed is turned accidentally by a squeeze of small fingers, and a slowly bobbing view of the apartment building is visible. Alma trudges through the light rain, taking refuge in the partial protection the building provides. What can be seen of the boy (mostly his legs) is covered in mud, as if he fell somewhere along the way.

After a few minutes of walking, he reaches the front of the building and sets his PDA down on the concrete before stepping back out into the rain to try and scrub himself clean.]
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[So has anyone been keeping an eye on the little garden on the sunny side of the apartment building? It's actually... progressing, and quite a bit as of late. Some colorful flowers are scattered about along with... peas? Yes, those look like pea pods, and maybe a row of carrots. Know what to look for and you might even spot a small patch of what will probably be potatoes. Overall, the plants are kind of sad looking, all with a sort of half-wilted look to them. Nothing particularly amazing... or even vaguely impressive by normal standards, but considering the main caregiver (a.k.a. the person who stands outside and stares at it the most) is an eleven-year-old boy working with stolen seeds in what might as well be a wasteland? It's doing fairly well.

Small dirt formations are standing guard all along the edges of the small garden reminiscent of the little sculptures that Alma's attempted in the past, and that's where the boy is today. He's prodding slowly at a lump of mud, Mr. Bats fluttering almost lazily by one shoulder. Alma smiles at the camera once he's sure it's on, waving muddy fingers.]

The plants are growing. I'm not really sure when they're supposed to be done... Does anybody know?

Oh, and I wanted to ask... [He rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly, smearing mud over himself by accident.] Um, Lavi? Or... Mister General? Do you think I could learn to speak Russian?
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[Alma looks a little worse for the wear after so long in the fog. Not really in bad shape physically, but the bitty is tired. Kinda dirty and pretty ruffled-looking too, but mostly tired.]

Is everybody okay?

[He shifts a little nervously, rustling some papers together off-screen.]

R-Rhode? I drew your pictures...

[Because experience tells him that presents are the best way to pacify an angry Noah.]
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[The feed clicks on accidentally as a small hand brushes by, the PDA tipped sideways in a tuft of tough, wet grass by what looks to be the edge of the apartment building. Alma is very close, only the lower portion of his body visible as he kneels in in the dirt, both arms stretched out in front of him as he prods at a pile of mud.

He continues his efforts for several minutes, ignoring the inclement weather and building his pile into a small pillar of sorts before pinching off a higher section on top. He pulls back and, after a moment, leans down far enough for the camera to catch his expression as scrutinizes his odd little creation, nose wrinkled and eyebrows furrowed. After a few more careful jabs and pokes he sits back again, the end product before him looking vaguely familiar.]
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[Nervous bitty is nervous, one finger on each hand trapping his black golem in front of him and rolling it to and fro. All that wing flapping? Useless.]

Has anybody else been hearing weird noises?
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